Sparkling Beauty Fruit Bowls in a spectacular design Glory & Majesty Designed Vases and Wine Jars Glory & Power Candlesticks and Candelabra Royalty & Holiness Designed Kiddush Cups
House of Silver

The silver products of the Malchut David will glorify the Sabbath and the holiday


The silver candlesticks of the "Malchut David" are designed in the best Jewish tradition, while emphasizing uniqueness, a combination of spectacular vintage decorations or a unique modern design, which adorn the Shabbat table or the Holidays living room


The sacred atmosphere given by our silver candlesticks, is perfect with the Candelabra of Malchut David, having 5, 7 or 9 branches. A candelabra that matches the candlesticks, or differs from them, in an antique or modern style, creates a wonderful lighting and completes the holly evening atmosphere

Kiddush Cup

This moment when father or grandfather raises the Kiddush Cup, looks at it happily and blesses the Sabbath or The Holiday, a moment of spiritual transcendence. The Kiddush Cups of Malchut David gives the beauty and sparkle to this special moment

Completing the holiday look

This shiny glitter, of the Silver Vase standing respectfully on the living room table, the Silver Fruit Bowl filled with fresh Fruit and the Silver Tray on which the bowl stands on. The silverware set of Malchut David creates a majestic atmosphere in the house